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Patient Care Teams: Infertility treatment can be both complex and trying. Therefore, each couple is assigned to one of our patient care teams. Each team, supervised by a board certified reproductive endocrinologist, includes nurses and other clinical staff as well as administrative support.  Team members are familiar with each patient's infertility treatment plan. They ensure that you are educated and informed about your care, and they are responsible for tracking your progress and assisting you in scheduling office visits, tests and procedures. Team members answer questions and provide support at every step of the process. They also work closely with laboratory staff to ensure treatment quality and appropriateness.

Laboratory Team:  Our laboratory staff includes embryologists, andrologists, endocrinologists, geneticists and other scientists. Members of our laboratory team are responsible for many significant discoveries and important techniques that have helped set the standard for excellence in infertility treatment worldwide.

Emotional Support:  We understand how a diagnosis of infertility and infertility treatment can be emotionally stressful. As part of each individualized care plan, we take time to explain, comfort and connect with all of our patients' emotional and psychological needs. If required, we offer comprehensive psychological services and emotional support. Both group and individual therapy is available to help patients address important issues and face difficulties that can be associated with infertility and its treatment.  For more information regarding emotional support services offered click here.