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Welcome to the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science—conveniently located in Livingston, NJ.   We’re proud of our role as a leading provider of advanced assisted reproductive services to people throughout New Jersey and in 17 countries worldwide.

Infertility is remarkably common—yet too many couples suffer in silence—to afraid or embarrassed to ask for help.  Many are simply unaware that infertility specialists have a growing array of technologies and strategies available to help couples overcome infertility—more than at any other time in history. 

The key to treatment success is early intervention—
so we hope that you won’t hesitate
to pick up the telephone and
call us at 1-877-456-4IVF

Here’s what you can expect when you do:

Over the Telephone:   You’ll speak with one of our Administrative coordinators, who will collect your relevant information and immediately schedule an appointment with one of our physicians.  All of our physicians are board-certified infertility specialists, dedicated exclusively to diagnosing and treating patients with infertility—including patients with complex or difficult cases of infertility that have failed other treatment options.

When You Visit IRMS:  You are encouraged to bring your partner along for the initial consultation—although we will happily meet with women individually as well.  Please allow several hours for your initial visit, as one of our physicians will meet with you to discuss your background and medical history, review your records, and conduct a physical exam  in order to determine the most likely reasons for your infertility.  

By the end of this first meeting, your physician will present you with a detailed, individualized treatment plan based specifically on your diagnosis and fully considering your own personal needs, goals and values. It is also possible the patient may need diagnostic testing first to determine the correct treatment plan. 

All of our physicians and staff understand how stressful infertility can be, and especially how difficult it may be to discuss the topic with others.    Our clients always have the confidence of knowing that they will be treated at all times with patience, sensitivity, and respect. 

Following your medical consultation, you’ll sit down with one of our financial counselors.   She can assist you to take full advantage of your available insurance coverage, and also advise you regarding expense planning and other potential sources for financial assistance or supplemental insurance coverage.

Finally, you’ll meet in person with one of our IVF Coordinators.   She will help to familiarize you with your personal “Fertility Checklist”—an itemized reminder of each diagnostic or medical test, or related items that are required based upon your own medical history and treatment plan.   Some tests can be performed at IRMS, but many require coordination with your primary care physician or other outside healthcare providers.

Your IVF coordinator will also enroll you and your partner in our patient education class—where you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about IRMS, what to expect from the treatment process, and what we expect from you as a patient.   You may also have the opportunity to learn important aspects of self-care, such as how you (or your partner) can learn to give hormone injections, for example.

After Your Initial Visit:  By the time you leave the office following your initial consultation, you’ll be on a first name basis with your IVF coordinator, and you’ll be taking home a package with patient information—including contact numbers and e-mail addresses for every member of your treatment team.    We are always available to answer your questions and concerns, and if you like, you can also return here, to our website, where you can browse our message board and other patient resources.   By this point, you have likely seen that advanced fertility treatment represents a significant investment of time, emotion and resources.   You probably also have seen that the ultimate reward—a successful, healthy pregnancy—is perhaps the greatest return that a parent could imagine.